What is Hurricane?

Hurricane is proof that a reliable community owned coin can exist and enjoy healthy and sustainable growth by delivering value to token holders.

Hurricane Tokenomics

We wanted to get Hurricane into as many hands as possible to organically grow our community. We created a standard ERC20 openzeppelin contract with 0 modifications. 100,000,000 coins were minted and immediately deposited into a pool on Pancakeswap. All LP tokens were then burned (verifiable on chain).

There was no presale and no team reserve - initial liquidity was donated by core team members (who later had to purchase their own bags just like everybody else). We guaranteed fair distribution by providing just enough liquidity for buyers to buy comfortably, and not enough for whales to take control of the majority of Hurricane supply.

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No fancy pie charts here, just 100M tokens spread across the community. There is no project alike! Finally! sleep through the night without the worry of losing your investment in a rug pull.

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We’ve heard your requests for more detail on the overall vision for the future. I think it’s time to fill you in! Are you ready?

Concept Development Initial Funding Round Community Team Engagement Token Mechanics Final Funding round
Stealth Launch Community Platforms Website Launch Community Liquidity Pool Foundation Community Proposal: ‘Hurricane Hub’
Prime Partnerships Governance Talent pool go live Task pool go live
Second wave Partnerships “HURRICANE HUB” go live First HUB project proposal
First Hub project go live First Airdrop More projects launching on the HUB Sky is the limit
Frequently asked questions

Hurricane is a Community Utility Token, there’s a very talented team working behind the scenes to bring value to Hurricane holders. We are working on ways to bring incentives for holders and LP stakers. The fact that 100% of the supply was deposited to the initial pool complicates things for us slightly as there is no reserve fund to rely upon. On the other hand it means the token is not inflationary. We are also considering mechanisms for token burn in the future which would make us deflationary.

Because with this clean coin we together can make an earnest difference without the usual risks of Rugs and PnDs. Buy because you will be rewarded for ownership and your community spirit.

No, we as community are continually developing new uses for the coin on the blockchain.

You betch-ya. HURRICANE HUB!!

It’s being worked on.

There is a core team which is supported by the wider community.

All the LP tokens were burned. Team bought just like everybody else from the open market.

Binance smart Chain is a Blockchain network built to run smart contract based applications.

PancakeSwap is the #1 AMM (Automatic Market Maker) and yield farm on Binance Smart Chain.

Increase your slippage and/or gas. You can always ask the community for help.